AppScreener is next-generation software for application security testing. AppScreener’s convenient interface requires just a couple of clicks, since all the intricate variability of algorithms and settings is automated as much as possible.

If the source code is available, the scanner easily integrates with software repositories. Otherwise, a working copy of the program can be simply uploaded to AppScreener. Mobile software can to be tested by merely copying a link the app in Google Play or Apple Store into the AppScreener menu.

AppScreener provides detailed recommendations and instructions on addressing any vulnerabilities by either (1) amending the source code or (2) using remedies available in SIEM, WAF and Firewall systems.

Features and Benefits

  • No need for source code to analyze applications
  • Test results are generated with specific recommendations for addressing vulnerabilities
  • Detailed instructions are produced on setup procedures
  • Several code analysis technologies are employed
  • A user-friendly interface that enables scanning in just 2 mouse clicks
  • Seamlessly integrates with the process of secure software development