wwSafe In The Cloud

Secure Cloud Storage for Enterprises

This is not your average document repository. wwSafe is for when it’s really important and has to be really secure. Really.

It seems like everyday we hear about a new breach that stems from vulnerabilities of data access and management. Companies are often faced with a decision to either tightly secure important documents or allow employees to share and access stored data freely. Now, wwSafe in the cloud offers companies the ability to provide both secure cloud storage and efficiently manage access sensitive data. Read the Datasheet


secure storage

How it Works

wwSafe in the Cloud is built on the patented WWPass two-factor authentication technology that delivers:

• Security – Protect access to critical files with patented WWPass Two-Factor Authentication.
• Storage – All data stored in wwSafe in the Cloud is encrypted, fragmented and dispersed across
multiple data centers.
• Privacy – A “Zero Knowledge” policy is enforced which means all users and data are anonymous to