About WWPass

Identity thieves stole $15 billion from 13.1 million consumers in the US last year. In the past six years that number exceeded $112 billion – for the US alone.

Businesses around the world face an increasing threat of identity related security breaches with every imaginable form of sensitive, proprietary information at risk.

Governments responsible for issuing official identification are faced with increasingly sophisticated techniques for fake ID creation.

Consumers, employees and citizens everywhere are overwhelmed by lists of usernames, passwords, and the piles of IDs & membership cards they carry for even the most mundane purposes. This leads to frustration and carelessness, creating opportunities for criminals and malicious actors.

You may think solving these massive problems is impossible, but we’re on a mission to do it anyway.

Our multi-factor authentication technology is second to none.

Many have sought to:

  • Eliminate usernames and passwords
  • Make managing passwords more convenient for the masses
  • Produce physical identification that can’t be faked

But no one come close to WWPass in meeting our world’s demand for versatile identity.

The solution to these major problems is here, right now; we already built it. Contact us today to learn how to put our technology to work for you.