The PassKey

Whether you prefer the convenience of a mobile device or the added security of a physical device such as a USB/NFC token or an ISO/IEC 7801 ID-1 card, when it comes to secure multi-factor authentication, the WWPass PassKey™ is the solution.

The PassKey is based on a cryptographic microcomputer that is used to authenticate a user to web sites and applications.  It is also responsible for end-to-end mail encryption, local ciphering of files and other user data.  Personal data is encrypted, fragmented, and dispersed, so it cannot be accessed without the user’s PassKey and access code.

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The Service Key

Service KeyUsers often lose their traditional OTP tokens requiring IT departments to look up the lost token, disable it, assign a new token, and help the user activate it. If the token contains digital certificates, they would need to be revoked and new ones created.

At WWPass, we strive to make activation and recovery as easy as possible.  To fully protect user privacy, WWPass implements a self service portal for management of your keys. Key management uses a WWPass Service Key to disable a lost PassKey, re-enable a PassKey, create a replacement PassKey or add an additional PassKey.  Since no personal data is stored on your PassKey or Service Key, reactivation instantly restores your credentials.

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Features and Benefits

  • Strong multi-factor authentication
  • Mutual authentication of user and service provider
  • Eliminates username and password
  • Flexibility of authentication methods
  • Reduces risk and liability
  • Aides in meeting regulatory compliance
  • User self-service portal
  • No administrative overhead
  • Protection against phishing and website spoofing

The KeySet

A WWPass KeySet consists of one PassKey and two Service Keys.  Additional PassKeys and PassKey for Mobile can be added to your KeySet easily and quickly using our self service key management portal.

Giving your users a WWPass KeySet is practically the only time that IT will need to be involved with managing the device. 

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mobile two-factor authentication

PassKey for Mobile

Unlike other mobile two-factor authentication solutions, the PassKey does not rely on your device having a ‘signal’ from your wireless carrier. No waiting for an SMS text with your one-time password. No waiting for a ‘push’ notification to appear. The PassKey communicates with your computer using a BlueTooth or WiFi connection allowing instantaneous authentication. 

Sophisticated hackers have developed ways to intercept one-time passwords (OTP) sent using SMS text messages. The crooks not only intercept the messages, they block them from ever reaching your device. Because PassKey for Mobile doesn’t use SMS or OTP, your authentication security is protected from hackers.

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WWPass PassKey Lite

PassKey Lite is a mobile application for Android and iOS devices.  It turns your mobile device into a lightweight and easy to use WWPass PassKey. With this app, users can authenticate to web sites and applications by scanning a QR code.

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