The number one challenge in IT security that companies in the US face today is a lack of skilled professionals capable of keeping up with the growing number and sophistication of hacker attacks.  The shortage of experts with the necessary skills is estimated to be at about 40 percent and is expected to grow to 60 percent by the year 2018.

WWPass Professional Services is able to provide customers with the expertise in many mission critical areas of IT security, ensuring business resilience and continuity.

WWPass helps its customers in the following key areas:

  • Authentication and identity access management
  • PKI infrastructure
  • Application security assessment
  • IT security monitoring

The WWPass professional services team, focusing on services directly related to WWPass products, work well beyond the scope of traditional installation and support of our products.  They provide integration with major third party solutions, such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, BMC and others.  They can build, redesign and upgrade Private Key Infrastructures and user management using standard Microsoft technologies or can provide advanced solutions from companies like Globalsign and WSO2, amongst other vendors.

Strategically located on the east coast with a European presence in Switzerland, WWPass is ready to provide efficient and responsive service for IT security for companies in various industries including finance, healthcare, education, transportation and manufacturing.